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Picture books illustration

children's books illustrator Stella Maris Mongodi


I was born in Italy but I live now in Edinburgh. I earned my degree in Ancient theatre, while studying art and illustration for many years with renowned professionals such as Alessandra Cimatoribus, Anna Castagnoli, Carll Cneut and Stefano Moroni.

Children's books illustrator picture books Stella Maris Mongodi


Even though I started with oil colors, acrylics and watercolors, my illustrations are now entirely digital, but I think they still have a "traditional media flavor" characterized by a dreamy, feathery and still playful style.

I like

  • Furry animals (above all cats, mice and owls. Yeah, I know, owls don't have fur, but they are soft!)

  • Sewing my own clothes

  • Wearing colorful tights

  • Rollerskating (but I'm very bad at it)

children's books illusrator, picture books, children's illustration, Stella Maris Mongodi
Stella Maris Mongodi children's books illustrator
children's books illustration, picture book, illustrator Stella Maris Mongodi

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Stella Maris Mongodi children's book illustrator

why owls?

I have a big barn owl tattoo on my back. I'm not sure what I like about them (especially after I was told they might be the birds with the smallest brain in the world, ahah). Maybe it's because they can fly so smoothly through the night and they have this funny and cuddly but also fierce look...

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