Children Book 6+

Publisher: Terra Nuova

Author: Sara Marconi

A cat is a perfect teacher if you want to learn all about enjoying the present.

A nice book to introduce mindfulness to children.

To browse the preview and buy the book, click here.

Children Book project 8+

Author&illustrator: me

Princess Lavinia has long been waiting for her dragon, but when he comes out of his egg, he’s not as she’d expected.


A tale about accepting others as they are.

Children Book project 6+

Author&illustrator: me

A tale about finding your own place in the world, where you can be exactly who you are.

Children Book project 0+

Author&illustrator: me

A little lullaby rhyme book you can read with your toddler at bedtime.

Children Book project 6+

Author&illustrator: me

Ritulia is a witch, she has a hunchback and a bit of an OCD issue, but she's also kind and tidy.

When she falls in love but her beloved one doesn't seem to notice, things get a little out of hands.

Digital project for a school mural in Acton

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