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Hello and welcome!

My name's Stella and I'm a children's books illustrator and picture books author based in Edinburgh.

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some of my favorite illustrations


Deborah Stevenson, Children's books, Illustrator

Deborah Stevenson, author

Aside from her considerable artistic talents, Stella is a joy to work with in all regards. She is professional, accommodating, and I trust her 100% to deliver a quality finished product within the agreed upon time and budget. She is a true collaborator with an eye for detail and a strong desire to create a book that not only can the author be proud of, but she can be proud of as well.

Annarella Morejon, children's book, illustrator

Annarella A. Morejon, author

I personally love working with her, I really trust her sensitivity and her work. Stella is always open to discussion and new solutions. I know that a project in her hands can only improve and grow. Through images, Stella has the ability to tell the story in a different, captivating and poetic way

Angela Catrani, children's book, testimonial, editor, Illustrator

Angela Catrani, editor+agent

I met Stella a few years ago: multifaceted artist with great talent, author of short stories, creator of jewels and clothes. She has hands of gold and a patient nature, always willing to work and experiment, with humility and humor.

Stella illustrates a text trying to go beyond the surface and adding her own personal and original contribution.


Terrel Lefferts,
author+dance teacher

Each image is a beautiful work of art with small details and a masterful use of light and shadow to finesse the gorgeous life-like illustrations. As a thoughtful collaborator, Stella brings ideas to the table and helps with promotion.

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